Good Boy Ben

Good Boy Ben –
now available in paperback or Ebook!

The second book in the “Abandoned Trilogy”

I thought “Good Boy Ben” was going to be a story about a lost dog but it turned in to so much more. It was really an inside look into homelessness in our current culture. A lot of the homeless guys have pets and V Felmlee released this book at the perfect time to raise a lot of questions and ideas about how we should respond. I enjoyed the story even though I would have never believed I would have wasted my time on a talking dog book.It is a credit to the author and good writing to pull that off. Give it a few chapters and see if it takes you somewhere. – Chris Brown, author “Bicycle Junction.”

Even when you think this book is “over” it keeps rolling out surprise after surprise. Ben and Sid keep it coming until the last page!

A young Golden Retriever is abandoned on a hot, dusty road in the middle of nowhere. Several miles away a homeless hitchhiker gets ready to head south for the winter on roads he’s traveled for more than twenty years, alone and, he hopes, unnoticed. How the two of them come together, learn to trust each other, and face a murderous hate-filled rampage, is the story of Good Boy Ben. It is also the story of how a painful past and an uncertain future, can turn into a remarkable love. Book Two of the Abandoned Trilogy echos the wonderful story of Prince Tadpole & Princess Clara, showing how hope and caring creates better lives for humans and animals, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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