Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion

Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion
now available in paperback or Ebook!
The third book in the “Abandoned Trilogy”

“Eloquently written by Vicki Felmlee, this inspirational book is a must read for young readers interested in America’s wild horses and the perils they face in today’s society. Ms. Felmlee’s poignant words and compelling characters will transport the reader to the world of wild horses, leaving them in awe of their innate wildness and wanting to learn more.”
Sandy Sisti

An abused, neglected filly is abandoned in the desert, left to die.
A young woman grieves the loss of her best friend, the champion horse she had built her life and future around.
The heir to one of the largest ranches in Wyoming comes home to face the ire and disappointment of his grandfather.
A world-renown scientist clashes with the U.S. government over a brutal, decades-long war to decide the fate of a beloved icon of the American West.
Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion is their story of love, hatred, and death. Will their struggles to save – or kill – hundreds of wild horses give them hope to fight for their beliefs, or tear them forever apart?

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